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Don't say it. Kimmy said quietly. I can't carry two thirty packs alone, so you've got to come with me. In truth Janine and she had planned this out ahead of time, although by the time she went for beer, Jessica was supposed to have already lost her panties, and was supposed to be totally shit-faced. With her head down Jessica followed Kimmy and as she stepped outside a wave of disbelief and a feeling of inevitability swept through her. She looked up at the dark night sky as she followed Kimmy to her minivan.

The minivan was full of cleaning stuff. Jessica sat in the front captain's chair and Kimmy drove. Out the window the city was fairly dark and quiet, Jessica looked down at her sexiest nightee, it wasn't daring by lingerie standards, but she was wearing it OUTSIDE. The thought excited her, and she couldn't believe she was doing it. In truth she was glad it was kind of being forced upon her, at least she was away from the party

Kimmy told her that she cleaned ten houses a week, two a day, and that she wanted to make it three a day, she had the clientele' to do it, but would need another set of hands to make the adjustment. Jessica heard herself accepting the job as though it was eavesdropping from another room. They got to the liquor store and Kimmy got out. She waited for Jessica.

I can't come in! Jessica gay sex stories said

You have to, I can't carry the beer. Kimmy answered.

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I'm in my underwear! Jessica said quietly.

That's not underwear! Kimmy said. That's a little black dress. Get over yourself. Jessica flushed with a little bit of anger, Kimmy had pushed her buttons well

Fine. Jessica said. She got out and stalked into the store with Kimmy. She had never been in a liquor store before, and was amazed at the stacks and aisles of beer and wine and booze. Kimmy walked to a cooler door near the back.

C'mon. Kimmy said. She opened the door and walked in, gay teen porn it was a giant walk-in beer cooler. Jessica followed, trying not to think of the fact that she was only wearing two articles of clothing and they had both come from Victoria's Secret. ‘Not underwear!' She thought

Kimmy looked back at the dejected redhead, the cooler was making her nipples jut through the nightee even more. A moment later they emerged from the cooler each carrying a large suitcase-like box of beer.

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We normally do bottles. But when there's a lot of company, cans are the way to go. Kimmy whispered. They got to the front of the store and Kimmy slung her case on the counter. Two of these. Kimmy said to the clerk. Jessica looked around and was suddenly aware of the four or five other customers. They were all men, and they were all looking at her. Jessica clutched the case hard against her chest, feeling the cold against her nipples. Finally Kimmy had paid and Jessica was hurrying back to the safety of the minivan.

During the ride Jessica kept the case of beer on her lap. She had agreed on the job and Kimmy would pick her up the following Monday morning at seven-thirty. Once more Jessica was beginning to feel relaxed. They got back to the apartment and Jessica climbed out of the minivan with the heavy case of beer in her arms. She followed Kimmy back up the stairs to Janine and Mike's apartment

Kimmy knocked and Janine was quick to answer the door. Janine was pleased to see Jessica back and taking a quick glance at her face told Janine she had calmed down a bit. Janine opened the fridge and directed first Kimmy then Jessica to put the cases in. She then delighted in watching Jessica squat down to put the beers on the bottom shelf. Mike, Ralphy, and two of the other guys had also come out to watch.

Jessica, you have a really great ass. Ralphy said boys teen gays free watching as her nightee pulled away from her toned buttocks. Jessica blushed, but had the beer in too awkward a position to get rid of it. Janine seized the opportunity, she stepped forward and lifted the back of the nightee, exposing Jessica all the way to the waistband of her panties

JANINE! Jessica said. Struggling to push the case into the fridge. Kimmy had been careful to put her case right in the middle so Jessica would have to struggle to get it in. Nick and Roger came out of the living room to survey the scene as Janine continued to hold the nightee up, and Jessica continued to squirm and struggle to force the beer into the fridge. Finally she got it in and went to pull away from Janine who started laughing and reached out to tickle Jessica.

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Jessica contorted into a ball as Janine dug into her sides with her fingernails. Jessica giggled and cried no. She fell to the kitchen floor and pulled her legs to her chest trying to cover herself as Janine continued tickling her. The position gave everyone in the kitchen a view of Jessica's crotch, her panties were damp there from her earlier orgasm and they hugged her full lips.

Please….Stop! Jessica giggled breathless, despite her cries she was laughing hysterically as she writhed about on the floor. Janine motioned with her head to Kimmy, Mike, Ralphy, Nick and Roger. They squeezed into the narrow pantry in front of the fridge all converging on Jessica. Jessica's eyes were shut tight as Janine tickled her, but they opened wide when she felt a wave of hands break over her. There were fingers squirming into her sides, her legs, her feet, her armpits, and her thighs.

As they tickled her they pulled and dragged her out into the main part of the kitchen, which caused her nightee to bunch first around her waist and then under her breasts. Now in the middle of the kitchen floor two more guys wanted in on the action. There were seven people tickling Jessica, who was almost in tears, but still laughing and pleading for mercy. With so many fingers there were hands tickling her in places they shouldn't be. She felt hands working under her bunched up nightee to tickle and squeeze her bare breasts. There were hands tickling her inner thighs, squeezing the crotch of her panties. (And the wet pussy that crotch covered)

Please! Oh god stop, I can't I can't stop take anymore!!!! Jessica huge cock said she was trying to push hands away as fingers slipped under her armpits and up and down her arms, her nightee was bunched around her neck and the hem fell across her face blinding her, and leaving her virtually nude except for her panties. Someone pulled her arms over her head and she felt her nightee being pulled from her body still they tickled her. The sensations as she squirmed crying were intense

Finally everyone stopped. Jessica sat up on the floor covering her breasts and trying to catch her breath. She reached down to adjust her panties, which had been pulled to the side exposing her pubic hair and meaty lips. She looked around frantically at all the people virtually all men crowded within a foot or two of her. She didn't see her nightee. Then they parted a little and Janine held it up and waved it like a matador.

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Janine! Jessica said breathlessly and with an exasperated tone.

Come an get it. Janine slurred over exaggerating her own drunkenness to ensure an excuse later. Jessica rolled to her feet being careful to cover her breasts with at least one hand. Janine backed into the living room still waving the light piece of black satin, and Jessica followed it like a carrot on a stick

Give it baaaaack. Jessica whined reaching out one hand for it. Her intoxication was fading to a buzz, it had been a while since she had had a drink and Janine sought to rectify that.

Gotta' drink for it! Janine said in a singsong voice holding the nightee by the spaghetti straps boys naked and swishing it around. Kimmy picked up on Janine's plan and went and got two beers out of the fridge. She squeezed past the crowd of guys leering at the spectacle and set them on the coffee table, and then she reached out and gave Jessica's side a little tickle. Jessica squirmed

Two minutes on the clock? Kimmy asked big dicks. She reached down and opened the two twelve ounce beer cans on the coffee table.

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Two minutes on the clock! Janine replied. Get ready Jess'! You've got two minutes to finish both beers.

C'mon Janine. Jessica said trying to act stern

Get ready! Janine giggled.

Janine NO! nude male Jessica whined

Get SET! Janine said.

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Please c'mon this isn't funny. Jessica pleaded.

Go. Jessica whispered, and waved the nightee over her head like a racing flag

Oh my God! Jessica said and shut her eyes. She grabbed the first can of beer and lifted it to her lips. She took enormous gulping swallows trying to finish as much as she could. Between trying to breath and drink as fast as she could she soon had to burp. BELCH. She let out a large burp and took two more sips.

Thirty seconds… young boys Kimmy giggled. Jessica was barely half done with the first beer and felt bloated with gas. She burped as quietly as she could and took another large swig

One minute! Kimmy said as Jessica set down the first beer and reached for the second. Beer was already flowing down her chin. She shut her eyes tightly and began trying to chug. Inexperienced and not used to drinking soda, much less anything as foamy as beer, more flowed out the side of her mouth. She lowered the can as she took three large swallows to clear her throat.

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Thirty seconds left. Kimmy said staring at the digital watch on her wrist. Jessica's chest felt as though it was about to burst. She balled her fist up, momentarily allowing one of her nipples to be seen as she let out several small burps so she could breath again. She raised the can again suddenly frightened when she felt how heavy it still was. She tilted her head back and began trying to gulp it as fast as she could, not caring when some escaped her mouth.

Fifteen seconds! Kimmy said. Jessica took two more large swallows. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…Kimmy chanted out. Jessica's mouth was full, but she felt that there were only one or two sips left in the can. It took her three swallows again to get it all down. Three, two one…TIME! Kimmy said. Jessica set the empty can down right after Kimmy said it, but was swallowing for another three or four seconds

What do you think Kimmy should we count that? Janine asked. Jessica wasn't listening yet, her chest and stomach was filled with gas, and she was burping and trying to get all the liquid she had just drunk to settle.

She was awfully close. Kimmy said giggling. teenage boy gallery foreskin She is pretty new to drinking. Both Kimmy and Janine knew that the two beers would hit Jessica all at once in about five minutes. All they had to do was stall until then. Meanwhile Jessica was distressed, she was out of breath and full of gas

Try this. Ralphy offered, holding up the marguerite' It'll get rid of the taste of the beer and probably calm down the burping a little. Ralphy took a big swig of the glass, which was almost as big as the blender pitcher, and even had a handle on it. Jessica took the strawberry and rum concoction and took a small sip. It was sweet and delicious, and did kill the beer taste, which if nothing else made the burping a lot more pleasant. She took a good-sized sip still holding one arm firmly across her firm chest. Janine shot Ralphy an approving glance, Ralphy just smiled.

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Jessica despite standing in front of eleven men in just her panties was only concerned with catching her breath for the time being. Finally after a solid minute or two she felt able to talk.

It is funny how you meet people these days. How people either open their wild sides up or lie when they chat with people on the internet. It was funny, when I met Katherine late one evening, I could tell she was different. Even as hard as it is to read personalities on the net, I could sense a hunger in her. We must have talked for at least two months, and this was just when the net was starting to take off. We had some hot chats that actually would leave me sweating and spent at night. The passion she held was incredible and so appealing

Katherine was slightly older than me by about ten years, and she was married with kids. At that point in my life, I had not ever even given thought to having an affair with a married woman. The older part did not bother me, but I was nervous and excited at the same time at the thought of having sex with a married woman. As it became more obvious that we may actually meet, I asked Katherine if she had ever had an affair. Her response was no, which kind of shocked me. She seemed so willing to try it. I think we both had each other so turned on by the raw passion, that it had us willing to explore and take risks.

She lived in the next little boys bbs town over from me, which was about 30 miles away. That was good because at least it allowed us the anonymity when we were visiting, but the first meeting came about after careful planning, and I was to meet her in her neck of the woods. The ride over for me was just absolutely nerve wrecking. I am usually a very composed and unflappable man, but the thought of fucking another man's wife excited me and also worried me. I knew her town fairly well, and I was to meet her at a grocery store parking lot. We had described our cars so that we could locate each other, and apparently I arrived first because I did not see her car. Maybe she had decided to back out on me.

That actually would have been acceptable to me under the circumstances, and as it drew to be fifteen minutes past our meeting time, I was thinking about just leaving. About that time, I saw her big Suburban pulling in, and I could not believe it. I wanted this woman so damn bad, and she had actually had the guts to follow-through with it when she was the one that had everything to lose. She told me that she would be dropping her kids off at the day camp, so do not expect her to be in anything but typical mom clothes. She drove right over to my car like we had been old friends forever. We had agreed that I would ride with her because her car was easier for me to hide in, in the case that we needed to hide. So I jumped out, introduced myself, and she immediately let me in her truck.

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Our initial conversation was shaky at best. She looked great even in her "mom" clothes. I could tell that she was as scared as me, but we slowly warmed up. I had noticed when we pulled out that she started back into a nearby neighborhood like she knew where we were headed.

"I thought we could go to my parents' house, since they are out of town at the beach for the week. I mean if that is ok with you." I almost laughed because she sounded so nervous assuming I wanted this to go beyond us just riding around in the summer heat

"Sure, that is fine with me. Are you sure that is ok?"

"Well, my family would not think it is weird for me to be checking youngest nude boys on their house while they are gone, and the neighbors will not expect anything out of the ordinary, we just have to slip you in quickly. If they se my truck in the drive, they will not suspect anything is going on out of the ordinary." I just smiled and started to regain my normal composure somewhat reading between her words

As she turned down the street, I suddenly started getting scared even though I wanted this. All kinds of thoughts were running through my head about if we would be seen, caught, or whatever else. She pulled up in the drive and I slumped down in my seat to make sure no neighbors were around. I asked her to go unlock the house and just walk through to make sure nobody stayed at home. She got out and walked around to the carport door. Her dress was below her knees, but I could see a nice silhouette of her ass and her strong, but feminine, calves as she walked in the door. A few second later she came back and waved me inside. I hurried inside.

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