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Steffi finally acknowledged my presence inside her. She took my hands from her waist and pulled them around in front of her. She put her hands over mine, cupping my hands over her firm breasts. I could feel her erect nipples pressing into my palms. And that did it.

With one last thrust I rammed myself into her, lifting her off the ground as I pulled down on her breasts and rocketed loads of hot cum deep up inside her. I plunged over and over again, a jet of sticky sperm splashing into her with every thrust as my body tried to get the cum to shoot right through her. Steffi's hands held mine tightly against her breasts as she was bounced off the floor over and over. We rocked together, and I had never loved cumming inside her so much

Finally I slowed down, my post-orgasmic gasping for fresh air taking over. My nose was buried in her hair, taking in the scent of her shampoo. Peaches and cream, mixed with the unmistakable scent of a sexually excited girl. Steffi settled back into her shoes as I inhaled her essence. It was the most intense fucking that I'd ever had. Or given. Little spasms shook my body as my dick tried to shoot every last drop cum from my balls into her.

As my breathing returned to normal, my wife let go of my hands and leaned forward, and I his first gay sex slipped out of her. Steffi turned around so that her bare ass was on the edge of the bed frame, her legs spread wide and her feet on the floor. Her legs were long and lean, and the high heeled shoes made them even more seductive. She smiled at me, knowing as well as I did that I'd just experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. She reached between her legs and drew my sagging dick towards her dripping wet pussy. I don't know how she managed it, but somehow I was inside her again, even as the energy drained right out of me. Warm sperm squeezed out of her pussy and drooled around us where we were joined

Steffi leaned back as if she didn't have a big cock inside her and picked up the bag that she'd brought home from the mall. She gave her hips a little wiggle which sent a delicious sensation through my shrinking shaft. With a smile in her eye she opened it and took out the black doggie collar with little silver spikes. The one that I'd seen her looking at in the store.

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I email You quickly and beg You to let me play with myself. You will be working all night and Your pussy is just begging to be played with. You give me permission and i rush home and get upstairs and slowly start stripping down, pretending i'm doing a little strip tease for my Master and i'm watching myself in the mirror the whole time, which is getting me so worked up and then i start teasing myself, playing with my tits wanting my Master's mouth sucking on them or my Master's cum all over them for me to play with. Then i slowly make my way down to Your pussy, i turn the butterfly I've had to wear (without it turned on of course) all night on and slip a finger into my soaking pussy while playing with the plug in Your ass. i slip on my collar and leash (i love playing with my collar and leash on to remind me of how i'm a little cum pet) and make my way into bed with all my toys.

i pick the vibrator first and slam it into Your pussy cumming right when it slips in. while i'm slipping the vibrator in and out i start to think about finding a girl for my MasterÂ…we're dying to have a threesome and i start to think about what would happen if i found one on this website

So i start playing with Your pussy and picture one of the girls writing back to my email and we start exchanging sex stories, i tell her all about my Master and how we want a threesome and all the crazy things we do and i send her some pictures my Master took of his toy: pictures of me fucking Your pussy with toys, pics of Your cock slipping in and out of Your pussy and pics of the toy you make me wear in Your ass when i'm not with my Master. She tells me how she used to be a mistress for a little slave girl and all the hot sexy things they did. We finally agree to meet but it's just she and i first...

So we meet at a bar and instantly i'm turned on. free gay movies She's just like what we want and she doesn't waste anytime and kisses me and Your pussy just becomes soaking wet. We have a few drinks and start talking about sex and toys and everything. She puts her hand on my thigh and slowly starts making her way up my skirt to my bare pussy and she starts to run her hand up and down Your wet slitÂ…all of a sudden she hits the end of the buttplug you make me wear and you can tell she knows right away what it is and she's instantly turned on. i tell her how that's my "collar" and i have to wear it whenever i'm not with my Master as a reminder of who owns me. Right then she slams two fingers deep into Your pussy right at the bar. She quickly tells me to call You and have You meet us

We walk in the door and you're already there with two collars and leashes. You tell us to get on our knees and play with ourselves while You put our collars on. You pull out Your cock and have both of us start licking and sucking it. Then you pull Your cock away from both of us, make us take our shirts off and start making out while you rub Your cock between our tits. You pull us by our leashes onto the bed, You lean her over the bed and slip a buttplug deep in her ass-- one just like mine!! You tell her to get on her back and lie at the the edge of the bed. You then make me get on my knees in front of her and You push my face deep into her pussy while You make me rub your cock right on my face and her clit. Just as i'm making her cum You cum all over my face and her pussy. You make me clean her all up and then You all up and You keep me there with cum dripping down my face.

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Then You pull out the double dildo and slip us on each end and put on a hot threesome porn. You make us fuck each other and while we do that You go back and forth making us both suck Your cock. I start to feel Your cock get hard in my mouth and i know You're getting ready to fuck again. You tie me to the bed. You and she pick toys and start playing with all of them on me. One uses a dildo in Your pussy while the other fucks my mouth with the vibrator and You just tease and torture me, slowly fucking all my slutty holes with all different toys.

Then You put her on the bed on her back with the strap-on on. You tell me to climb on. I slip the giant strap-on into Your tight little pussy. While im doing that You rip the buttplug out of Your ass and replace it with Your cock. Both of my holes just ripping apart and so full I can't even beg to cum i'm so wet and being fucked so hard. Then You make me fill my mouth with her huge tits filling all my holes just like a little slut!! i just LOVE having all my holes filled!!

After You cum deep in Your ass You make me clean your cock while she cleans Your dripping cum from Your ass slowly moving her tongue in and out of Your ass making sure she gets all Your cum... We take a quick break before starting all over again...

This is teen boys part four of the journey of Ana and Wes, the chapter will be the last. niya

Ana was delving deeper and deeper into this erogenous zone of D/s. Her thoughts were on Weston every moment of every day. Wanting desperately to meet Him. To be everything He wanted in a sub slave. Of course there were draw backs. He was married and so was she. The relationship could only go but so far. Accept each passing day seemed to make it a deeper and more real life relationship. Ana was at a point that she would do anything He asked. Some may wonder how He achieved this and to be honest for a long time she was unable to tell you. Other than Wes has figured out her secret desires, her fantasies and He played upon them to bring out that submission that was now His as she knew in her heart He was her Master.

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Wes and Ana never spoke of being Master sub or Master slave. Yet somehow they both knew that is exactly where the relationship was at this point. Wes took things slowly probably more slowly than any other dominant would have and for that He was in a way the one rewarded. Ana would be given various assignments and she would carry them out but then she was assigned to write about the occurrence. The worst part. If He was pleased with her essay she purred at the good girl. If she did ok with it there was still praise but not the good girl, that sent tendrils of heat between her thighs.

Ana became so in tune with Wes that just His voice would cause her pussy to be wet. No matter what voice He used just being around Him produced the effect. Sometimes by the end of just speaking with Him her panties were soaked and nothing sexual had been spoken or implied. This confused Ana. Mostly because at home she really had no desire for sex with her spouse so why was she like a bitch in heat with general conversation?

She was doubting herself. Her submission and whether she was a sub or slave. Wes could tell she was having a hard time so He came up with something that on the one had seemed very innocent but in the end turned out to be so much different. Wes asked Ana if she had a few things He wanted her to have and Ana was replying with a firm no. After that day was over she wished that she had had those items.

Wes instructed Ana to find some string as it turned out she did not having any string, twine or anything like gay dick that. Wes asked if she had any ribbon? Ana went searching and found a little bolt of green ribbon. Dark green. He chuckled as He began to tell her what to do with the string. First though He instructed her to get the butt plug and lube.

Ana, lube the plug and plug yourself good, He said.

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Yes Sir, Ana replied.

Ana's soft whimpers could be heard as she struggled with the medium sized plug trying her best to work it into her tight ass. From the play the day before though her ass was so sore, tight and still she knew she would make it fit to please Him. That is one thing Ana felt she had to make clear. She did not do things simply because He said I am Master and you will do them, or I am a Master and you will do these things for me because I own you, or the your job is to please Me, your needs are secondary and mean nothing really, I owe you nothing, not love, affection, attention, hope, seduction, nothing but see you owe Me everything for you are slave. See Wes made sure that He found Ana's triggers. He explored her every part and stroked, caressed, prodded and over all listened to her when she would talk. In this He had Ana right where He wanted. She was His clay and He was molding her into something that was better than when He started. She gave Him this ability willingly, eagerly and with love

Ana felt the plug slide in as she thought of the things she wanted made clear. His voice helped a lot as well.

Now Ana this may seem strange but this is what I desire You to do monster cocks if you will. I want you to take that long piece of ribbon and tie it. Place it around your waist and loop it back through your thighs between your ass cheeks, running it around the base of the plug. The pulling it tightly through your labia so that it sits right against your pearl, meatus and vaginal canal. Now pull it up and tie it securely where you started at the waist. Oh and Ana make sure there is no slack. You wouldn't want the plug to fall out while you are shopping, Wes whispered out. Ana's heart stopped. Shopping! Plugged? Foreboding was to late it was here and she was now trapped. Her sharp intake of breath caused Wes to chuckle as He began to instruct her

I know you and hubby are going to the store and it is 25 miles one way. So you will be bending twisting and having to walk through Wal-Mart with that plug in your ass, a dress on and the ribbon will be an interesting twist. I wonder Ana what you will be thinking? Can anyone see the plug sticking out of your ass as you bend forward or walk? With no underwear on what if it falls out? Yet the ribbon should keep it in sufficiently. What about your husband do you think He will be able to smell the slut you are? Tell me Ana what you are thinking about this and feeling, Weston's breath caressed out.

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Oh god Sir. What if it does fall out? What will I do? My heart is slamming against my chest, my pussy is throbbing with need. I am already so wet I am afraid there is a spot on my dress. I am afraid I will fail you or that I will fail myself and run at the first opportunity that arises. As for husband I am not to worried but we will see what happens. Perhaps He won't notice, she replied.

Wes told Ana to lay back on the bed and to play with her clit. Moving the ribbon around to the side of it she did. His voice captivated her and propelled her into another world. Eyes closed as fingers fluttered over the swollen nub. Gasping as the heat was building faster than it every had. Ana was rocking against the butt plug driving it deeper in as her mind conjured His cock buried in her tight hot ass. Ana was thrashing as the cunt juices began soaking the ribbon between her shaved lips and down the crack of the pale ass. Shaking now with need as the release drew closer and closer. Finally hearing Him telling her to cum. Ana screamed in ecstasy as the pent up sexual frustration was released in one huge spasm wracked with millions of tiny ones.

Ana lay upon the bed breathless, euphoric and happy. Then she remembered her task. Wes was pleased with her orgasm and she got a soft growl from Him. Mmmmmmmm Ana thought of Wes's cock in her mouth. She wanted so bad to taste Him. To be found worthy to suck His cum from the tip of His thick shaft. She knew she had to earn this and it drove her to do more and more of what He desired from her.

You are naked males heading out to the store now Ana? Weston asked

Yes Sir in about 20 minutes he will be here. Ana answered.

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Good, now while at the store I want you to pick up some more ribbon, some clove oil, some type of peppermint toothpaste and a few other things, Wes said.

Ana thought of the things He asked for. The ribbon felt so good she was loving it and enjoying the feeling. The clove oil she felt her ass tighten as she had heard all about clove oil. Ana was still in a dream like state but she heard everything He said. He spent the last few minutes making sure she was ok and not worried about anything. He wanted her to call Him first thing when she awakened and be prepared to give Him details of the trip

Ana said bye to Wes just as her husband pulled into the driveway. Ana met him outside ready to go and they picked up their little girl and headed to Wally world. Ana could feel ever pot hole as she stretched to drive to the store. The ribbon was so tight as she changed gears. They arrived at the store an Ana could smell her cunt. Amazing how dominant the smell was to her. She was worried about being smelled. The apprehension made the heart race and pound. Feeling faint almost but the biggest thing was as she got out of the car the plug shifted and she just knew people would indeed be able to see a bulge at the back of the dress. The air wrapped up between the wet thighs cooling the area as the ribbon began to rub hard against the soaked pussy.

Moving through Wal Mart emerald eyes landed upon everything and her mind raced with thoughts of just gay young boys what He might think of to put her in some type of predicament with that. She quickly gathered the things He had requested. The ribbon was cutting into the flesh and sawing back an forth with each new step. She found she could not bend over and had to have her husband bend for her. She explained she had hurt her back and all was well on that front. Her cunt was juicing. She could smell it and purposely walked past the air freshener aisle and the cologne trying to find anything to mask the pungent odor that was consuming her nose. She just knew others could smell her. She was hurrying through the store as she knew as soon as she got home she could remove this pretty ribbon that was no longer so pretty to her. The plug stayed in place but the tissue around the puckered ass and vulva, clit and etc was rubbed raw.

Standing in line was a huge problem for Ana. She sat looking around at everyone nearby. Wondering if they were watching her. Or even worse inhaling that scent she could smell so well. She could feel her dress against the butt plug and she kept looking back to see if it was sticking out. Her mind a frenzy as to what if it is omg. What would someone thing seeing this flat object pressed against the dress. She kept looking to her husband's face for signs of anything odd. Trying desperately to keep it together as she waited and waited in line.

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Ana was almost dazed as she left Wal Mart. Her pussy was throbbing with need once more but at the same time she was hurting and raw from the ribbon. She had no idea the ribbon could do something like this to her. She was still in shock as she went to get in the car and had trouble sitting upon the seat. The plug was now very uncomfortable but she had not choice but to sit and shove it back in place. Gasping loudly as it moved. Her mind was focused on her pussy raw, hot, and also a feeling of decadence.

They had one more stop nude boys. She had to get her daughter ice cream. She was so irritated she was about to snap everyone's head off and then she remembered His words. It is not their fault you are in this predicament so do not take it out on them. If your daughter wants something to eat you will stop and go in and allow her to eat it within a reasonable amount of time. Thankfully she didn't want to eat there she just wanted to get the cone and ride on home. The 30 min drive seemed to drag on for hours. Ana was in agony by the time she reached home. She also knew that her husband could smell her sluttish self. Blushing as the car seemed to reek with the cunt's pussy.

Ana arrived home and got out of the car as quickly as possible. She could not wait to get inside. She had to hurry and yelled over her shoulder that she had to go to the bathroom. Of course the key wouldn't cooperate and she spent even more time with that torture harness in place. Silently thinking ohh He got me this time. Pretty ribbon her bottom. Rushing to the bathroom trying to stay calm as she began untying the knots. Of course by now they were so tight untying was not an option. Ana began searching for scissors. Fingers finally landing upon a pair. Slicing through that pretty green ribbon. Feeling the relief as it released the now tenderized flesh. Ana's pussy felt like steak after beating it with a pointed mallet.

Ana stashed the ribbon and removed the teenage boys in underwear butt plug. Bringing it to her face to smell the pungent odor. Thankful there was no residue or soiling. Knowing full well if it had been His cock or one of His implements she would have been sucking the soiled material from the plastic. Shivers raced up and down her spine at the thought of this. Would she be able to do something like that or would she balk? Ana had no doubt in her mind she would do whatever Wes asked of her because in her mind He had found what she was and brought this out to the surface. He had also found her darkness and shed a huge spotlight on it for His use.

Ana was a slut, a whore, a fuck toy, a naughty bitch. Ana was proud of these things as she had never been before. Before this day Ana had thought being those things were bad. Now she knew she didn't have to cringe when the word slut was called at her. She would hold her head up and think yes I am a slut but only to One that makes me that way.

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Ana talked to Sir the next day after writing her assignment. Ana's pussy stayed raw for days and days. Every time she looked at ribbon she shuddered. She began to see everything in a new light. Thinking about just what He could find to torment her with after doing such a wonderful job with the ribbon. Ana knew she would never forget that trip and was unlikely to ever want the ribbon again.


I'd been debating what to do about the invitation for a week or so. My freelance writing was going pretty well, but it wasn't totally supporting me yet. I held a part-time retail job and did odd cleaning and catering jobs when I could get them to supplement my income without tying me down too much. For the day in question I had a lead on a catering gig I could take and I could really use the money. On the other hand, it's a July 4th party being given by a very old friend at his new house and I haven't seen him in ages, nor have I ever seen the house. Stan has been bugging me for months to come out and see the place and talk about the renovations with him. I guess I've been avoiding this because for one thing I'm not so fond of his new wife, Joy. To me she seems shallow and dull and I'm really just shocked that he married her. He is so much more interesting than that. I'm also sure that if Stan asks for my opinion on anything related to the house, and he will because he respects my judgment, Joy will automatically veto the suggestion simply because it came from me. The fact that the house is 40 minutes from mine doesn't help, either, since my schedule has been crazy lately.

Joy will be at the party, of course. I think gay little boys the reason she doesn't like me much is because she suspects I have some "history" with her husband and it makes her uncomfortable. In truth, there is some history but it was so long ago and it was so casual that it might as well never have happened. Mostly, he and I have just been friends. Joy and I are pleasant enough with one another when forced to socialize, but we've kept our distance except when we couldn't avoid it

There is one, and only one, truly compelling reason for me to go to this thing and I can sum it up in a single word: Len. Len is Stan's best friend from forever and if anyone can be said to ooze sex appeal, it would be this man. The two of them were thick as thieves when I met them. I was dating a guy named Paul who was in their social circle, which is how I got to know the whole gang. Most weekends there would be at least one night when the three of them, their friends Jack and Sam and any current girlfriends would hang out together drinking beer and listening to music. All the months I dated Paul I secretly lusted after Len but as sexy as he was, he always had a girlfriend of the month on his arm and I was always with Paul when I saw him. Except for one time.

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There was a Christmas party and reunion of sorts after they had all been apart for some time and Paul had felt ill and gone home early. He had been my ride but I hadn't felt like leaving so I said I'd catch another ride home. It came to pass that Len offered me a lift. His girlfriend rode shotgun but she lived much farther from him than I did so he dropped her off first. I had climbed into the front seat for the rest of the drive and when he pulled up in front of my house I leaned over to give him a kiss goodnight. He had kissed back and we'd wound up making out in the car for about half an hour before my senses got the better of me and I went inside. We had gotten each other pretty worked up that night and from his groan just before he pulled my hand from his crotch I was pretty sure I'd made him come in his pants, but we never discussed it and we never had the chance to be alone like that again. I'd always wondered what it would be like to fuck him but it was only a fantasy and now, somehow, years had gone by. Len would occasionally visit me in my dreams and I frequently thought about him when I masturbated, but to my great regret we hadn't kept in touch. I wondered if he ever thought of me.

Paul and I had long since broken up and lost touch. Stan was the only one of the group I'd kept in contact with and we'd lived only a few miles apart during a time in our lives when we were both lonely, so we'd slept together a few times. The sex was okay but never great and there was really nothing emotional between us aside from friendship. It was just a comfort thing, like eating a big plate of mashed potatoes. We'd drifted back to a platonic friendship after a couple of months, then I'd gotten a job in another city and moved away until about a year ago, when circumstances in the form of me leaving both a dead-end relationship and a dead-end job had taken me back to my home state. Stan and I have gotten together casually on occasion since then, but he always has jealous Joy in tow while I'm very single and it isn't the most comfortable situation. We also have very little in common any more, so the evenings together have gotten shorter and farther between

In any case, I feel maybe I should go to this party, get the ordeal of seeing the house out of the way and maybe see a few other old friends. I know Stan is in contact with some of the old crowd and I know from him that Len is also still single, although I'd heard he'd had his heart broken pretty badly a couple of years ago. It's a long shot for him to show up, since he lives a couple of hours away in another state, but I figure I'll go to the party and if Len is there it'll be a bonus no matter what happens. I call the catering captain and tell him I'm not available that day.

For the party I've dressed nicely, but casually in a camisole top that shows off the little youngest twink boy porn cleavage I have, a knee length, soft skirt that flirts in the slightest breeze with my toned legs and low-heeled sandals that accentuate my slender ankles. The pedicure I'd treated myself to the previous day completes the outfit. It's turned into a sultry summer afternoon and I'm glad of the light clothes. After about an hour there, though, I am really beginning to wish I'd skipped the whole thing because it's mostly Joy's friends and family and I am bored to tears. Then I spot Len on the other side of the lawn, walking towards our hosts, and my heart skips a beat. He is looking right at me and when we make eye contact he smiles and winks at me. He goes to chat with Stan and Joy while I continue to make small talk with whomever I'm standing next to but I can't even remember her name because I keep looking at Len. He, in turn, is periodically glancing over at me. At first I think all I want is to catch up on the last few years when we finally get a chance to talk, but then I notice that he is not just looking at my face, his eyes are roving hungrily down my body, which my active lifestyle has kept pretty trim. I'll be damned, but he is undressing me with his eyes, something nobody has done with me in a very long time! I feel myself begin to get aroused, gooseflesh rising and my nipples getting hard despite the warm July day. Eventually we work our way around the fringes of the crowd until we can finally talk to each other. Len leans over to give me a kiss on the cheek, his beard brushing my ear and sending a delightful and welcome tingle down my spine

"Sarah, you look wonderful. How's life been treating you?" he asks. We chat for a while, learning each other's recent history and trying to appear as if our bodies aren't yearning for each other. I haven't made love with or even been particularly attracted to a man in nearly a year and suddenly I become very aware of the closeness of this exceptionally sexy man, as if my body is aching to make up for nearly a year of abstinence all at once. A few other people join us and try to make conversation as we stand there in the hot sun, but we must have been giving off some kind of vibe because they each move on pretty quickly.

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