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Eventually Len and I decide to give ourselves a tour of the house, which neither of us have seen. Stan is too busy with all his guests to play tour guide to everyone and frankly I'm a bit relieved. I know I'm hoping to find a place for us to be alone and I think Len is hoping the for the same thing. Most of the rooms inside have at least a few people in them and we try to appear interested in discussing the period details and the progress of the renovation with them, acting casual but feeling a growing sexual tension between us.

The back door opens into a small mud room with coat hooks and a bench. This, in turn, opens into a bright, sunny kitchen. The appliances badly need to be updated but I find myself envying the counter space and high ceilings. There is a walk-in pantry to the right and a formal dining room through another door to the left. Hand in hand, Len and I slowly make our way through the dining room and into a small parlor that is currently outfitted with two recliners and a large television. Woodwork in every room is in various states of being stripped and refinished, in this room only the crown molding remains painted. The room opens up into a hallway with a nearly paint-free mahogany railing and several doors to additional rooms beyond. There are party guests everywhere, so we press on. The house seems endless

Finally, after what seems like hours of small-talk with people we don't know and will never see again, we find a dusty old formal parlor, one that obviously has not been cleared of the previous owner's old furnishings. There are velvet drapes all but obscuring the light from the windows, which haven't been washed in years. The furnishings consist of two overstuffed chairs and a big, soft looking velvet couch. I lead the way into the room and Len follows, softly closing the door behind him and leaving the noise of the party behind us. Alone at last. Len comes up behind me and pulls the full length of my body against him. I can feel that he is already hard and I wonder how long he has been walking around like that. My breath catches as he begins kissing the back of my neck and running his tongue from my ear to my collar bone. My panties are suddenly quite wet and I am fighting the urge to rip my clothes off. Len slides his hands up under my top and cups a breast in each hand, caressing gently and teasing my nipples into stiff points before easing the camisole up over my head. I turn and we kiss deeply, a long-held sigh escaping my lips with my breath. Len bends down to lick my nipples, gripping my ass with both hands as I unbutton his shirt. I can't resist running my hands through the mat of hair on his chest and down across his abdomen. I'm not the only one here who has managed to remain fit and the sight of a male torso with a defined six-pack turns me on fiercely. I drop one hand lower and stroke his erection through the fabric of his shorts. My hand is trembling as I try to control the urgency I am feeling to get him inside me.

"Oooh, Sarah, that feels sooo good." He whispers huskily into my gay men having sex ear. I wonder if he knows the effect these words have on me. I give his cock a squeeze and he moans softly. I want desperately to feel him against me, so I wrap my arms around his waist and press his lower body to mine. The feel of his stiff manhood through the soft fabric of my skirt makes my clit throb in delighted anticipation

I pull him over towards the couch insistently as he shrugs his shirt off and unbuckles his belt. I help him ease his shorts and underwear off over his stiff cock which bobs in happiness at finally being free from the confines of the fabric. I stroke him, letting my hand go everywhere and learning the shape and size of him. He moans in pleasure and thrusts against my hand. I lean down to kiss and caress the head with my tongue, tasting the saltiness of the fluid that has gathered there, but we are both too impatient for much foreplay. Len pulls my skirt and soaked panties off. His hand slides down to my sex as his tongue probes deeply into my mouth. He fingers me expertly and finds my wetness; it is my turn to moan.

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"Oh god, Sarah, you are so wet. Do you want me inside you?" He whispers. As if he didn't already know the answer.

"Yesss" I hiss. "I've wanted that for the last hour. I want you deep inside me, I want you to fuck me." I never talk like this, it must be something this man is doing to me and I like the feeling of freedom that comes with it

My legs are quivering with desire and I am so ready for him. I pull him down onto me on the soft couch and the feel of his stiff cock against my inner thigh is almost more than I can bear. As he kisses me the tip of his cock teases against my pussy hair and I thrust against it greedily. I raise my hips and he enters me, sliding into my well-lubricated tunnel as both of us gasp because it feels so incredible. I am too aroused from all the anticipation following these long months of abstinence and it takes just a few thrusts before I am bucking and moaning, the climax as intense as any I've ever had. Len is patient, despite his desire, and waits for me to calm down before beginning again. When I can finally open my eyes he is grinning down at me like the proverbial cat that got the canary.

"That free gay pics seemed pretty intense." He says

"It was amazing." I reply, still breathing heavily. "Your turn."

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He begins to thrust inside me again, going slowly at first and trying to make it last as long as he can. As his thrusts become more urgent I become aroused again and begin to meet his motions with thrusts of my own. I feel his cock grow even larger and harder inside me and he picks up the pace. Each stroke pulls the head of his cock nearly out of me, stimulating the most sensitive part of my canal, and on each thrust back into me my clit meets his pubic bone, causing me to groan in pleasure. I draw my knees up towards my chest to increase the contact between us and I feel my pussy tighten around his shaft.

He moans in bliss and whispers in my ear "You're sooo tight and wet I can't last any longer. I'm going to come now. Ohhh yes, yes. I'm coming. Ohhhh..." His words trailed off into a moan

Hearing him say these things and the feeling of him thrusting and pumping his cum inside me are just too much and it triggers my second orgasm. My moans of pleasure join his in a kind of weird harmony as the waves of release wash over us. With a final shudder I lower my legs beside him and he collapses on top of me, stroking my hair and showering my face with kisses.

"I wonder if anyone heard that." I say, glancing towards the door. "It would be embarrassing if someone teen boy walked in on us.

"I locked the door, just in case." Len replies, kissing me again. "You know, I've been wanting to do that for about five years."

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"I've been wanting it for longer than that." I reply, a smile on my lips. "The possibility of you being here was the only reason I came to this party."

"The chance to see you again was mostly what brought me here, too. Speaking of which, we probably had better get back before they do come looking for us" And with that he slides out of me wetly and stands up. Like a gentleman he helps me off the couch and I'm glad of the assistance as my legs are not quite steady under me for the first moment. We retrieve our clothing, but before dressing Len fishes around in his pocket until he comes up with a handkerchief. He draws me to him and, kneeling, gently wipes away the fluids that are dripping out of me and down my legs. This is an act of tenderness that nobody has ever performed for me before and I feel my heart start to melt. I cannot possibly be falling in love with this man, can I

Summer clothes are easy to get into, so we are dressed quickly and head for the gay very young boys. Before turning the latch I straighten Len's collar. He kisses me sweetly and smoothes my bangs. My heart skips a beat at the way he looks at me. The door's hinges protest loudly as Len swings it open, but nobody is in sight. We both let out the breath we had been holding and head back through the house and out into the bright July day. Stan is standing over the barbeque, grilling burgers and chicken breasts. I am suddenly starving and the smell of cooking is making me dizzy. I make a bee-line for the food with Len at my side.

The rest of the afternoon is spent sitting in a small gay dicks group. Len has been near me the whole time and a number of the old gang have shown up, so the scene in our little area of the enormous lawn looks pretty familiar to me. Stan joins us for a while, catching us up on news of the absent members of the circle. Paul is living halfway across the country with his wife and two kids. Knowing he couldn't make the party he'd sent a couple of photos, which we passed around. As the sun begins to dip below the tree tops most people gather their belongings and seek out Stan and Joy to say goodbye. Len and I are the last remaining members of the old gang. Stan has gone to help Joy see her family off and we walk towards the house to try to find him before we leave

"Do you want to drive all the way home tonight?" I ask. "I only live about forty minutes from here and you could stay at my place. Unless you have plans for tomorrow that you have to get back for, of course."

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"No plans, and I'd like that. Thanks." He replies. Casual, like I was just a friend. Maybe I'd read him wrong? Still, he is going to spend the night with me. I begin to get turned on all over again.

We say our goodbyes and head to our respective cars. I wait until I see him drive up behind me and he follows me to my place. I'm living in a small house that my parents had bought as an investment years before and they were between tenants when I'd been moving and needed a place to live. I get a break on the rent in return for doing some repair work and I'm saving to buy my own place. We enter through the kitchen door and as I close it behind Len he slips his arms around my waist from behind and begins to nibble on my ear

"Don't you want the tour?" I ask.

"Sure. Tour me to your bedroom" he replies, into my gay cock neck

Untangling myself, I lead the way up the narrow stairs to the modestly sized room that I have chosen for my bedroom. Len moves to sit on the bed and holds out his hand.

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Very young gay boys.

"Come here," he says. I go gladly into his arms and for the second time that day he pulls my camisole up and off, exposing my small, firm breasts.

"These are just delicious" he tells me, his mouth about half an inch from my right nipple. He reaches out with his tongue and flicks it over the nipple, then draws it into his mouth as it hardens. I arch my back towards his mouth and put one hand behind his head, pulling his face into my chest. After giving quite a bit of attention to each of my breasts, he stands and undresses himself, and then me. Drawing me to him he kisses me long and slow and deep, letting his hands wander down my back from neck to ass, finally cupping my cheeks and squeezing gently. He turns me around and gently guides me down on the bed until I am lying with my feet still on the floor. He then gently opens my legs and bends close to my pussy. He stays like that for quite some time, just looking. I'm beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable when he moves closer and, ever so gently, plants a kiss just above my clit. The contact feels wonderful. Then he begins to use his pointed tongue to part the hair and move between my lips. I gasp as that tongue slips inside me, tasting, swirling, thrusting. A few moments of this and the tongue moves up, expertly circling my sensitive, throbbing clit. Someone has taught this guy well and I can feel my climax building. He senses me getting close and he stops for a moment to wet one index finger. As his mouth renews its assault on my clit he slips his finger inside my wet hole and begins to thrust it slowly in and out. Then I gasp as his mouth plants itself over my clit and he begins sucking on it and probing it with his tongue at the same time. I come, thrashing and moaning, unable to control my body's movements at all. When it is over I realize I have Len's face pretty well clamped between my thighs and I relax my legs. He pulls back to catch his breath, smiling gently

"Was that okay?" he asks.

"What do you think?" I reply, still trying to catch gay naked my breath

He stands up, his erection sticking straight out in front of him and looking too good to resist. I hold out my hand and he takes it, helping to pull me into a sitting position.

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Katherine arrived at the address shortly after dark had settled on suburbia. The building was not well-kept, weeds had overtaken the small parking lot, challenged only by the scattered trash. It had been painted several different colors in its life, each apparently more garish than the preceding one. It had never been much more than it was now – a lingerie modeling studio.

Katherine had worked for the police department as an administrative assistant for about six months. Her husband was a policeman in the same department, a policeman who had ambitions to one day be captain. He would do anything to impress his bosses, and volunteering his wife for this assignment was one of those things. To say she was reluctant would state the obvious, but she loved her husband and was willing to trust him and trust his judgment. The heat was on the captain to shut down the modeling studios; "dens of prostitution" the local religious community charged. Some of the women working there had already been arrested and now the clientele was the target. Ordinarily this would be a job for a policewoman, but the department was small and the only women on the force would not exactly inspire a man to commit a crime. Katherine's role in this would be simple; dress reasonably sexy and give the men every opportunity to incriminate themselves once they were in the room together. For this she had chosen short blue skirt and a white button-up cotton shirt, and heels. Her brown hair pulled to one side, she looked as if she was out to play tennis

She walked into the establishment and was motioned into the back. There in a room were her husband, the captain, and two other policemen. They would be her protectors tonight, watching through the two-way mirror, videotaping the encounters for evidence. Two cameras were setup, each capturing a different angle into the room. For a conviction it would be necessary to get the exchange of money between Katherine and the client on tape. The captain instructed her on how she should act: no nudity, no touching of the clients, no direct requests for money from the client. The captain explained, they had to incriminate themselves. He advised they would come into the room as soon as the customer had committed a crime. Her husband had gone over all this before, and she nodded her understanding. The captain said they were ready whenever she was, and she took a deep breath, smiled at her husband, and walked up front.

One other person was there, one of the women who boy nude had worked there prior to the arrests. She was cooperating with the police in return for a reduction in the charges against her. She looked at Katherine for a long time but did not say a word. They waited in silence for the customers to arrive. About 30 minutes had gone by when they heard the ring of the bell on the front door. Soon a middle-aged man, average-looking, walked in. The other woman went to greet him, explaining the terms: $40 for 20 minutes of modeling, $50 for half an hour. The customer looked over the woman, then looked over Katherine. He looked back at the other woman then said he would take 20 minutes with her. She took his money and led him into a back room. Katherine was alone. Nervously she paced, dreading the sound of the bell. But soon the woman came back, and took her position on the couch. Katherine asked her where the gentleman was; she replied he went out the back. Before she could ask anymore the bell sounded again. Another man soon walked in. After being given the spiel by the other woman, he too looked both women up and down. Katherine was extremely uncomfortable with such direct staring, a strange man inspecting her as she would inspect a steak at the butcher shop. She was somewhat relieved when he, too, chose the other woman. Katherine again was alone after the woman and client retreated into the back. She sat there for several minutes when she heard someone coming from the back; good, she thought, she had more questions for the woman. It was, however, her husband.

"Anything wrong, sweetheart? Why haven't you come back yet?"

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She answered that neither customer had picked her. He looked somewhat despondent, then went back to the room. She tried to figure out why the men would choose the other woman. Katherine was prettier than that woman, but neither men had chosen her. When the woman returned again Katherine observed her more closely. She noticed that the woman was dressed quite provocatively, her blouse unbuttoned and her blue-jean shorts very tight and very short. Katherine excused herself and went into the bathroom. There she untucked her shirt, and tied the ends in front of her, under her breasts. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of the blouse and adjusted it so that now the shirt fit snugly, revealing the form of her breasts, showing ample cleavage on top, and exposing her belly to the men. She came back out front; the other woman did not even look up. Another 30 minutes passed before the bell sounded again. By this time Katherine had played it out in her mind several times and was determined to be the one picked. The gentleman entered, tall – about 6' 4" and stocky. He was much more attractive than the previous two customers. The other woman explained the terms, and the customer looked her over. He then turned his attention to Katherine. She fought the turmoil within and smiled at him, her hands smoothing her skirt, her breasts pushed out to his gaze. She felt a tinge of excitement when he picked her, but soon reality reminded her just what that meant. She took his money, and motioned him to follow her into the back.

As she stepped aside to allow him to enter the room she could see just how small she was in comparison. Her 5' 3" frame was more than a foot shorter than him and her petite body looked very tiny against him. She closed the door behind them, glanced over at the mirror where her husband and the others were watching and taping. She directed the customer to sit in the solitary chair, opposite the mirror, and after he had done so she walked over to the cassette player and put on a tape. As she bent over to start the tape it occurred to her that the stranger was probably gazing at her behind. She swallowed hard, then turned around and faced him. She began to make slow, dance-like movements, moving with the slow beat of the music, as she walked closer to him. She stopped, out of his reach, and began dancing for him. Sometimes their eyes would lock, but mostly she could not bring herself to look at him. She continued dancing, feeling the pressure inside, the pressure from the eyes on her. The stranger sitting before her, her husband and his boss, the other two policemen as well, watching her trying to dance seductively. The first song ended and she walked back to the cassette player, a little perspiration forming on her brow. As the second song began she turned to face the customer. She noticed right away that he was not pleased. The stern look on his face sent a shiver through her. She danced over to where she was before and again stopped out of his reach. As she danced though it became apparent that he would make no move given his state of mind. If she were to be successful, be successful for her husband, she would have to turn up the heat. She slowly began moving closer to him, and noticed a change in his countenance. The change encouraged her and she continued moving in

She was shocked to feel his hand on her left thigh; she had not intended to get that close. She braced herself, though, and continued dancing, folding her arms under her breasts in order to hide her now trembling hands. The view she presented had an obvious affect on the customer, and he used his free hand to adjust his pants as his cock was swelling. Katherine felt the hand on her thigh make short strokes up and down, the rough hands contrasting with her smooth skin. The second song ended and she pulled herself away from his touch, walking back to the cassette player. She glanced at the mirror, wondering when they would put a stop to this. She looked downward, pausing, running her hand across her belly for no particular reason. She felt perspiration there now, and wished the air conditioner worked better.

The third song pulled her from her thoughts and she returned to gay teenagers the customer, more quickly this time, right back where she had left. His hand returned to her left thigh, stroking her with longer strokes now. As her body moved with the music she felt his other hand on her right thigh, sending a slight jolt up her side. She managed to hide her surprise, continuing the dance. She imagined to herself what her husband must be thinking, his wife dancing for a stranger, the stranger's hands stroking her thighs. She lost herself in her thoughts and did not hear the third song end, nor the fourth begin. Her mind may have been preoccupied with thoughts of her husband, but her body was being mesmerized by the touch of the stranger. The sensations coming from her body, coming from his hands on her body were beginning to cloud her thinking. As the stranger's hand stroked higher on her thighs her hips seemed to undulate more, pushing her womanhood closer to him. Soon his hands were brushing against her skirt, though this did not alarm her. Her last clear thoughts were rationalizations, telling herself her husband would stop her before she went too far.

Whether she could have stopped herself at this point was irrelevant. She had no way of knowing that her husband, tiring of the wait, had gone out for food with the captain and was not watching out for her. The warm sensation coming from her body's interaction with the stranger only increased. Each new touch welcome, each sensation cherished. Lost in the music, Katherine was vaguely aware that the stranger was pulling her white panties slowly down over her ass, down her legs, leaving them at her ankles. The stranger lifted her skirt, staring at her pubic hair, her clitoris, her pussy lips as she gyrated for him. She could feel the air coming across the moistness gathering between her legs. His hands were moving now, and soon were in full possession of her naked ass. Groping her. Pulling her apart. His hands took to wandering again, their roughness leaving a trail of sensations from her ass along her hips to her groin and down between her legs. She welcomed his hands parting her lips, relished his fingers probing her, and endured the bolts as his thumb ravaged her clit. Soon the stranger was standing before her, and she felt a pressure on her shoulders compelling her downward. On her knees before him, the music and sensations still intoxicating her, she waited as the stranger unzipped his pants. She waited as he pulled his erect cock from them.

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She waited as he placed his cock inches from her face. She felt his hand on her head, in her hair, guiding her. With his other hand he pulled his cock to one side, and soon she found her pursed lips in contact with the base. The stranger then slowly pulled his cock along her lips, her lips widening more and more as they slid down its length, until her mouth was fully open when they reached the head. He pressed into her, past her comfort zone, and gagged her. She recovered as best she could. With him fucking her mouth mercilessly, she began to give back some of what she was receiving. She licked at his cock eagerly as it rushed in and out of her mouth, her hands around his legs pulling him to her, his hands on her head compelling her onto him, furiously building to the inevitable climax. The stranger pulled back from her just enough for his cock to clear her mouth. For a moment there was no movement. Suddenly his cum exploded onto Katherine's face, into her still open mouth, drops of his lust falling onto her neck. The stranger pushed his cock back into her mouth expecting her to clean it, and he was not disappointed. He put his shrinking cock back into his pants, zipped up, and stepped around the flustered Katherine. He took a twenty-dollar bill from his wallet and threw it on the floor in front of her, where he had been standing seconds before.

"Thanks whore," he smirked, and walked out.

Katherine was motionless, suddenly unable to move, her eyes glued to the green paper that lay before her, that had bought her. She looked up as the door opened suddenly and her husband stood in the doorway, shock having taken hold of his face. "Katherine?" was all he could mumble as looked down on her. She was there on her knees, her panties down around her ankles, her wetness readily apparent on them, and her vision of him now somewhat obscured by the customer's cum dripping from her eyebrow onto her cheek.

The knights were atop their steeds in presentation to the little boys erection Queen, about to fight for her honor. Sir William, strong, with his dark blonde hair tied behind him, handsome in face and wearing the colors of red and white; Sir Geoffrey, looking smaller in stature but dark and evil as he wore the colors of black and white, his skin and hair dark as well. Their introductions made, Sir William, dressed in the colors of good must be the victor in this battle. Sir Geoffrey, although quite good looking, was said to be a cheat and would do anything to win

Introducing the knights to the crowd was the Master at Arms, Sir Marcus, very handsome in his own right. I gazed upon him atop his horse and felt unquestionable lust for this man. He circled the jousting field, the breeze in his hair spreading it out behind him. When the horse came to a stop and the air no longer held his flowing hair, it was long enough to rest at his waist! I watched him; all I could think of was to bury my hands in his hair, to kiss his full lips and press our naked flesh together. Alas, I knew he'd have nothing of me as I was only a spectator at the fair but that certainly did not stop my shamelessly wanting him.

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The spectacle continued with the knights, although not in full armor, jousting with one another. Their lances held high and proud, would knock one or the other from their horse. The crowd was wild in their chanting – when Sir William was in his area, "Might for Right" could be heard from the crowd. When Sir Geoffrey was in his area of the field, the crowd yelled "Cheat to Win"! Over the next few minutes, the knights' skills were tested with the lance and the sword. A fight erupted and Sir William challenged Sir Geoffrey to a fight to the death – a joust will full armor – the survivor being the victor. I would be sure to attend the next part of this show!

The show at the Renaissance Fair took a break to allow guests to wander the grounds, sample the roasted turkey legs and mead then purchase memories from the vendors. I continued to sit on the bleachers near the jousting field and daydreamed of being naked along side Sir Marcus with my hands tangled in his hair! The thoughts of me next to him, hot and sweaty with my hands in his hair, his head on my chest, his mouth covering mine - all these thoughts excited me tremendously. Within minutes, Sir Marcus and Sir Geoffrey came walking towards the bleachers

"Sir Marcus," I called out.

"Yes, m'lady?" he answered as he walked closer to the youngest boys gays russian bleachers

"May I have a photo of you? Your hair is magnificent and I would very much like to feel it against my skin."

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